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Fall 2019 - Me with 1st & 2nd grade soccer players from Hemphill Elementary School.  This was about half of our after-school practice group. This picture was taken on a Saturday after our game. Games were held at Cornerstone Field in Woodlawn (East side of Birmingham). Practices for this group were right after school at Hemphill Elementary School in West End (West side of Birmingham). 

Welcome to my web site. I am in the early stages developing this site. The plan is to focus on my experience with NorthStar Soccer Ministries - but focus on my personal experiences and go a little deeper into those than there is space for on our ministry site -
The title "NorthStar Navigating" has a double meaning.  On the one hand it refers to my efforts to attempt to guide the organization of NorthStar.  On the other hand, it refers more generally to my own personal effort to keep my faith as a compass and navigate this world with a life of purpose and meaning that is honoring to God.  Both meanings will find a place throughout the website.  Hopefully others will find my reflections helpful. 


Paul Neville  -  
Executive Director, NorthStar Soccer Ministries


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