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Learning to Give

It has been a year since my last posting here. That was not my intent. This past fall I was working 80+ hours per week on average and still leaving a lot of things undone. Not surprised I wasn't able to post over that time. But before that I did have more time.

For me these pages are a chronicle of my struggles to carry out Transformative Coaching. That is the theme I set for this blog. That is my particular effort to practice giving of myself in the spirit of Romans 12:1-2. The key point, and the reason to keep this blog, is my strong desire to focus on effectiveness. My goal is to read, study and reflect on the most effective ways to positively impact youth. Go try it and then come back and reflect all over again. My next goal is to share that learning with anyone who is interested. This blog contributes to my own reflections and, hopefully, will also be a help to others who are engaged - through NorthStar Soccer Ministries like me, or through whatever other ministry tool you are using.

As always, I hope you will share your thoughts with me as well. Thanks!

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